Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Muslims Don't Believe in Satan

Regressive News: (April 26th 2016) Everything is Racist!

Black Radical Social Justice Tsunami In St Petersburg

Rewilding: David Suzuki's newest crazy "green" idea

Monte Solberg: Trudeau should back pipelines for environmental reasons

How Feminism Destroyed Europe | Iben Thranholm and Stefan Molyneux

Nenshi Must Resign: Calgary mayor's Uber "sex criminal" sting scandal


England Bans Its Own Flag to Avoid Offending Muslims

Anti-Alberta activist Marcella Munro tweets pro-oil selfie. Will anyone ...

Classical Civilisation Was Not Preserved My Muslims

"The rich don't pay their fair share of taxes" -- Is that really true?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Laci Green is a moron - women don't lie about rape because feminism

Women's Studies Must Die - TFF Episode 31

Janice and Sargon Are Right On Banning Classes

MTV News Takes on Environmental Racism

Fracking and earthquakes: Media misreporting causes unwarranted panic

Islamist apologist offers “helpful” tips to fix anti-Muslim bias of Cana...

Social Justice and The Sargon Effect

Crazy feminist thinks men get their period too

Feminism Simplified


This Week in Stupid (24/04/2016) - Social Justice is a Cult Edition!

Is anarcho-libertarian That Guy T coming around to voting for Trump?

A Social Justice Wickerman

A Social Justice Wickerman

#BlackLivesMatter Is Taking a Huge Shit on Their Ancestors' Suffering

Friday, April 15, 2016

Social Autopsy - A Doxing Service

CYBERBULLY CASH GRAB! - The Social Autopsy Kickstarter

COVER UP: Halifax parents, student CONFIRM refugee bullying, violence

Why I Was Wrong About Atheism

StopTheCoverUp.ca: Tell the Halifax Regional School Board to act NOW!

#Feminism, #BlackLivesMatter and the Failure of #Humanism

The Unknown-Islam’s 25 Scars On My Body.

The Nigga Double Standard - Sincerely A Fed Up White Guy

12 Trump Business Fails Response

Monday, April 11, 2016

Federal NDP vote for “end to Alberta” with LEAP Manifesto - Notley not f...

Profiling Muslims Is A Brilliant Idea

Feminists Celebrate Sexually Transmitted Diseases!

What REALLY happened to that Halifax news story about Muslim "bullies"?

"Cultural Appropriation" and SJW Racism

BuzzFeed a Bit Confused on What Bigotry Means

TYT -Bangladesh Islamists Who Killed Blogger Don't Believe

The Milo Yiannopoulos Show: Episode 1

TYT vs Bill Clinton vs BlackLivesMatter

Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?

Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?: Is it true that 1 in 5 women are raped on America's college campuses? If so, what does that say about our universities and the people who run them? If not, how did that statistic get into the mainstream? Caroline Kitchens, Senior Research Associate at the American Enterprise Institute, looks at the data and explains the very significant results.

Yusra Khogali Talks About Her Death Threat To White People

TL;DR - Cenk Uygur Loves His Gynocentrism

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Venezuela: Another Failed Socialist Experiment

Instant karma - Instant justice - Compilation 2016 (Feminist Edition)

Falsly Accused of Rape

Panama Paper style tax evasion alive and well in Trudeau’s Liberal gover...

Classic Liberalism: Can You Own Another's Individual Rights? Game of Thr...

Does PayPal really care about LGBT rights? Or only in North Carolina?

Black Lives Matter Founder Wants To Kill White People

Racist SJW lectures us about racism

Microaggressions & The Rise of HYPERSENSITIVE Victimhood Culture

Protectionism is an Assault on Free Trade

Friday, April 8, 2016


Lucy DeCoutere's latest Twitter tantrum proves "feminism is bad for women"

"Keep the oil in the ground": Is NDP leader Thomas Mulcair really serious?

Conservative Party leadership race heats up with two in and more to come

Feminism ... I'm loving it!

Rape culture DOES exist -- in Canada's Aboriginal community

Paul Joseph Watson and Dave Rubin: Libertarians, Trump, and the Immigrat...

Why I Am Not A Feminist | Janice Fiamengo and Stefan Molyneux

Social Justice Losers


Ezra Levant: I'm from Alberta and live in Toronto "but Brad Wall is my p...

Saudi TV Host Nadine Al-Budair: The Terrorists Emerged from Our Schools ...

Bernie Sanders On The Issues | A Libertarian Perspective

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Debunking Bill Maher's "What Republican Candidates Will Never Admit Abou...

Social Justice Warriors wrongly fuel racial tensions on Twitter over Gap...

Ben Shapiro at Penn State University

Protesters fail to disrupt Ben Shapiro at Penn State

PROOF: Notley NDP, big labour met on Bill 6 three days after taking office

Hate Can Be a Virtue


Justice Minister Raybould latest Liberal called out for shady fundraisin...

Won't somebody think of the feminists?!

Hurt Feelings=Censorship

Debate With the Author of The Deception of Allah 2

The Most Regressive Shit I've Ever Seen

#BlackLivesMatter Isn't a Movement, It's a Mental Disorder

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Behind the war on free speech (left AND right) Guests Diana West, Gad Saad

SEXISM of FeministFrequency to jeopardize charity status?!

Beefing With Bernie

"Trudeau Effect": Why did Liberals pick some of their (losing) SK candid...

Notley NDP vote down recall legislation — PC’s go along with them

The Regressive Left has Become the Religious Right

The Black Man's Burden

The Glazov Gang-Moronic Questions After Brussels.

Senseless Murders Proves Humans Are More Like Animals Than Wild Beasts!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Everyday Feminism: Special Snowflake Syndrome

Remember the crazy leftwing LEAP Manifesto? The NDP's bringing it back

Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking

You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela

The Young Turks Shit The Bed On Chattanooga

Internet Aristocrat Explains Social Justice Warriors

South Africa: You are the real April Fools

Death To America! Death To Israel Kaboom! LOL

Former Black Panther Says Black Lives Matter And Obama Is Bullshit

Belgium police let terrorists get away, for these two insane reasons

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another feminist is after your freedom of speech #2

Another feminist is after your freedom of speech


Feminist Hypocrisy

Female Anti-Trumper Gets MACED After Punching Male Pro-Trumper In the Fa...

3rd Wave Feminism is for Idiots and Uglies

Language Decay

Ontario Provincial Police contact writer over sarcastic, critical tweet


Do Black Lives Matter In Toronto?

Whiteness: PCC Dean Can't Name ONE Instance Of Racial Bias On Campus

Are You OK With Transgenders Choosing Which Toilets They Use Based On Ho...